The 72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits Book

“Killer Internet Marketing Techniques, Ideas And Tactics To Make Money Online”

Finally, proven internet marketing techniques, ideas and methods are now compiled in this ‘no-fluff’ book by Patric Chan!

Read this book today to discover ways to make money online and how to create your own profitable online business. The author, Patric Chan, has been marketing online since 2003 in many niche markets and has been featured as a speaker in 11 countries as an authority of internet marketing. He has taken complicated marketing concepts and broken them down into easy, simplified understanding for ordinary people. Most importantly, the strategies shared inside are based on tried and tested methods adopted by Patric to build a solid and successful brand on the internet.

The 72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits is Patric’s first book!

Some Testimonials…

“Patric Chan blows you away with idea after idea for making money online. Keep a pen and paper handy as you read this book because the ideas … and the cash … will flow from the very first chapter.”
- Brett McFall, co-founder of the World Internet Summit

“It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to share your invaluable experience and personal observations through this awesome book. The methods, techniques, ideas and tactics will help anyone with an online business or even just a website go from ‘average’ to A+. “Best all of all, what you teach is ‘simple’ yet effective for any ordinary person to understand and use to his/her own advantage. “Well done.”
- Mike Mograbi, founder of

“Patric is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I know and he has had the GREAT sense to focus on what he does best, that focus has made him rich, and that focus is what so many people lack! It will be a great honor for me and very smart to keep doing business with him as he has certainly helped my income. You would be wise to do the same! Well done and congratulations to this great man.”
- Marco Robinson,


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