The Clicking Cash Book

Imagine Having Another Stream of Income?

“How to Make Massive Amounts of Money In Record Time From The Internet!”

Clicking Cash will share with you how you can make money online, even if you don’t have any idea to do this, or don’t have a website. Yes, it may sound unbelievable but it’s true and possible because Robert and Patric have taught thousands of students and some have even became internet millionaires.

This book is very different from most of the “how to make money online” books you’ve seen in the bookstores because…

  • The secrets and strategies revealed are the same information that they’ve been using to make millions from the internet – you’re getting proven strategies
  • They’re the authorities of this topic — Robert Allen is the best-selling author of Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income (both bestsellers) and Patric Chan has spoken in 11 countries as an authority in internet marketing
  • They have students who are ordinary people who are able to quit their jobs after using their methods… FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD

In Clicking Cash, Robert and Patric reveal the concept of creating streams of income from the internet by building internet businesses on the topics related to your hobbies, passions, interests… doing the things you love to do. Believe it or not, somewhere in this world, somebody is willing to give you money for something you already know. This book is packed with proven strategies that can show any ordinary person how to start making money from the internet.

What you’ll discover in this book:

- The Power of Extreme Leverage: In this chapter, they’ll share with you the secret to creating money on the internet from thin air.

- How Can I Make Money with Information When It’s Free: The internet is full of free information and yet, both of these authors are still able to make money online. In this chapter, you’ll discover the CORE source of wealth from the internet that you can tap on quickly.

- How You Are Going To Make Money Online: Next, you’re going to discover the SYSTEM that they use to build their internet business empires. By leveraging on this proven system, they’re able to make money online every week, like clockwork. Robert and Patric will also be touching on the topic of social media marketing – the real secret of using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

- How To Easily Achieve Online Success: Interestingly, you can turn your interest, hobby, passion, skill, knowledge and even experience into cash! Find out how – from product pricing to getting it promoted online.

- Launching More Income Streams: This is Patric’s favorite part… after you have made money online, Patric is going to show you ways to create more income streams, including creating your own membership cash cow and another cool money-making secret.

Praise for Clicking Cash:

“This is the best book I’ve read about creating wealth and making money from the internet, period. The Internet is one of the fastest ways for you to create multiple streams of income and Clicking Cash can show you how. Read this book as soon as possible.”
- Bill Bartmann, the Billionaire Business Coach who became the 25th wealthiest person in America

“If I were just getting started and wanted to make money online, Clicking Cash would be the FIRST book I’d read. This is not a book filled with a bunch of strategies that just sound good. This is a book jammed packed with specific, real-world strategies that have been proven to work over and over by the top marketers online. If I had read this book when I was just getting started, I’m confident I would have made my first million years earlier… and because of this book, I’m going to be implementing several strategies I learned from the book that I know will pay off in a BIG way.”
- Matt Morris, #1 Bestselling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

“If you goal is to make money from the internet fast, then I’d suggest you read Clicking Cash. In this book, you’ll be shocked to discover some of the most powerful strategies used by internet marketers to make millions online. In fact, just one of these ideas could transform your life!”
- Ewen Chia, #1 International Bestselling Author “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!” 

“Clicking Cash is one of the most complete, simple and easy-to-understand books on Internet Marketing today. Both Robert and Patric have broken down their secrets to building an Internet business into a crystal-clear, step-by-step system that anyone can use to start making money online. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran Internet marketer, you’ll find true gems in this book to bring your Internet business to the next level. This is a gotta-have resource if you want to build multiple streams of income on the Internet!”
- Joel Chue, Co-Founder, Quantum Mind Power

“Isn’t it ironic that even while the media pushes stories of doom and gloom with high unemployment upon us with daily doses of the ‘news’ there are thousands of people working from home making money…a lot of money….I see people making 5, 6 and even 7 figure a year businesses all while working at home. I even see people making 6 figures in a day online!

I know cause I’ve been one of them for many years now. In fact I started around the same time Patric & Robert did online. But if someone had handed me a book like ‘Clicking Cash’ to me 10 years ago I’m sure I could have shortened my learning curve by many years and avoided wasting tens of thousands of dollars on things that simply didn’t work (You can too if you read this book). This book is so simple, enjoyable & easy to understand that even my teenage kids could get it, yet the points are so powerful that anyone reading this book has the potential to become a new millionaire in the making.

If you’re ready to see how you could enjoy the financial freedom of working wherever you want & whenever you want…you need to read this book!”
- Jeremy Gislason, CEO SureFireWealth Inc, Co-Founder & Director MemberSpeed Inc & Power House Technology LLC

“If you want to make money on the Internet then Clicking Cash is your roadmap for success. Two powerhouses from different sides of the planet, Patric Chan and Robert Allen, have come together to provide one of the most valuable blueprints for Internet Marketing success ever written. The resources and examples in the book provide the reader with a full view and the tools they need to understand the concepts and to leverage the power of the internet for financial prosperity. This book is a must read!”
- Alicia Lyttle, International Speaker & Internet Marketing Expert

“WOW! This isn’t just a book…This is a step-by-step guide. Inside this book, you’ll learn secrets most people never share publicly about making money online. It’s definitely a MUST READ!”
- Matt Bacak, 2010 Internet Marketer of the Year

“Patric Chan has been making money on the internet for probably as long as you’ve been using the internet. What I love about this book is his direct hand’s on approach to every single aspect of creating a profitable internet business. I didn’t know anyone that has created an “A-Z” guide to Internet marketing guide. That is, until this book came along. Well done!”
- Chris Bowser

“The internet has change the world we live in, and TODAY there is a huge opportunity for you to create digital multiple streams of income. I couldn’t think of two better teachers than Robert Allen and Patric Chan to share with your their online business secrets, and Clicking Cash lays it all out in paint-by-numbers fashion. Robert Allen has been a long time mentor, and has helped craft the money mindset I have today.”
- Jared Croslow

“Imagine…one day you find Alladin’s magic lamp. You rub it and out comes the Genie!

Genie: “Your wish is my command”.

You: “Teach me, in simple baby steps, how to make millions online. Show me how I can start from being a complete beginner to owning highly successful websites that earn me even while I sleep. I want to use the Internet to tap into the immense power of leveraging. Tell me all I need to know.”

Genie: “Here, read this book ‘Clicking Cash’. It has got everything you want, and more! In fact even I am reading it right now, so that I can start staying in a mansion, and not in this old lamp!”

The above story was just to drive home the point that if you want to start a highly profitable online venture, “Clicking Cash” is THE definitive resource for you. You will learn practical, actionable steps that will teach you many subtle nuances of online marketing, some of which are real secrets, and privy only to the internet marketing veterans!

Patric and Robert have nailed everything down to a perfect system. Use it… maybe this is the magic lamp you have been looking for!”
- Abhishek Agarwal, Founder of Revelri


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